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Gantry moving gantry

Gantry movable milling center: Separated

  • Product description:
    1. The Z-axis ram is made of 500*500 ductile iron square ram, quenched, finely ground, and equipped with advanced German injection molding technology, so that it has extremely strong rigidity.
    2. Optional: The imported 2500rpmBT50 (or 2000rpmBT60) spindle is used, and the imported roller bearing is extremely rigid and can withstand heavy chip processing. The use of the German ZF powerful high-speed gearbox makes the machine tool with 3000Nm of chip torque.
Parameters Unit VC50/80-30L VC60/80-35L VC12035L
Table size mm 2100×5000/8000 2600×6000/8000 2600×12000
Table loading t 38/60 50/65 80
X1/X2 travel mm 3000/3500 3500/4000
Y/Z travel mm 5200/8200×1200 6200/8200×1200 12200×1200
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 350-1550 (can be customized)
ATC capacity   20 positions/standard, 20 positions×2, 3, 4 for option
Max. width of work piece mm 3000 3500
Feeding speed m/min 0-15
Rapid speed m/min 15
Positioning/repeatability accuracy mm 0.01/0.005
Total weight t 50/65 58/70 115
Dimensions (without electric cabinet) mm 11000/14000×6500×5600 12000/14000×7000×5600 18000×7000×5600
Control system   Siemens 828D or Fanuc MF, Siemens 840Dsl/option Siemens 840dsl

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